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Main Street Gyros Catering

Main Street Gyros catering services provides delicious buffet-style catering in Seattle and throughout the Northwest, with mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine that is truly one of a kind.  Seattle’s Gyro Hero is here to help you create the perfect setting and memorable experience.  Our catering selections are designed to compliment any occasion, from weddings, anniversaries and holiday celebrations to business meetings and events.  Whether you visit us for lunch in Seattle's Pioneer Square, or call on Main Street Gyros catering, we have what it takes to make the occasion great!


For catering in Seattle, catering in Pioneer Square and throughout the Northwest, you can count on Seattle's Gyro Hero for all your catering needs! 

Catering Selections

Lamb & Beef Gyros

A combination of lamb and beef gyro slices cooked on a vertical rotisserie, grilled with onions, tomatoes, a combination of spices and served wrapped in a warm pita bread.  Drizzled within, is our homemade Tzanziki sauce made with fresh yogurt, cucumber, parsley and mint.   

Chicken Shawarmas  

Grilled and marinated boneless chicken breast, smothered with savory seasonings and grilled with tomatoes and green peppers.  Incorporated into this dish is our hummus and delicious tahini sauce.  


A vegetarians go-to.  Hearty and flavorful, deep fried medallions made of mashed garbanzo beans and seasoned with authentic Mediterranean spices.   

Basmati Rice 

A  cultivated, aromatic, long-grained rice that compliments and stands alone boldly.   

Pita Bread 

Warm, puffy flatbread, made with a simple, signature dough.   

Greek Salad 

An exquisite combination of fresh ingredients, including romaine lettuce, cabbage, ripened red tomatoes, tangy red onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, capers, crunchy green peppers, slivers of carrots, garbanzo beans and creamy feta cheese.  Served with Hummus and warm pita bread.   


Cooked and mashed garbanzo beans, blended with tahini sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, garlic and other flavorful spices.   


Homemade grape leaves stuffed with herbed rice.  


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Main Street Gyros Food Truck

Main Street Gyros food truck offers a wide variety of delicious Mediterranean menu items, that are prepared using fresh and locally grown ingredients that combine age old recipes with modernization! Menu choices include our signature sandwiches, succulent plates, savory soups, fresh salads, and popular side orders. The Gyro Hero gladly offers meat and vegetarian choices. 

Click the link here to view Main Street Gyros food truck calendar for days and location!

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